Numero Uno

Slip On Your Spectrespecs
A wise man once said, ‘You learn something new everyday if you pay attention’.
Who am I kidding, I have no idea who said this. But for copyright purposes I’ll mention that he’s Ray Le bond,and for all I know he could be your towns local dunce because I haven’t a clue who he is, was or ever will be. One thing for sure is that I have absolutely no intention to stop everything  in my debatably busy life to google this human.
Never the mind, back to the point. The general gist of the quote is that you learn something new everyday, and I’m sure many of you know of this already. The thing is, you don’t. For you see, I crushed my rose tinted spectacles long ago and instead slipped on a pair of Luna Lovegood’s spectrespecs. So I view the world in all its cooky goodness, and ponder its many aspects that go unnoticed by the general human eye.
Now we seem to be in a sticky predicament in which you are sitting there like, ‘so what?’ And I’m lazing about feeling quite proud of my analogy, thus I shall get to the point.
Said point is that since it may be a partially asking task for those less observant of you to embrace this quote to its fullest, I shall step in to assist. Yay! Pop the poppers, light the lights, pour the bubbly… Coke, I mean coke. Underage drinking is bad, always bad, never good… Unless it’s under a lot of peer pressure. Lies lies, it’s all lies, don’t listen to that bit.
*Cough cough*,But that’s why you’re here with your Aunty Sarzo, sitting, standing, hopping, eating or other, with this blog open, right? So I can inject you with my chicken nuggets of wisdom as I am clearly a lot more creative than you sorry lot. Just kidding, just kidding. Or as the kids say JK.
Everybody please momentarily hold your horses, and think very carefully for I have a question. What would it be like to be injected with chicken nuggets? Would that just be injection with chicken? In which case, is that dangerous? I can’t see that being safe…?
Clearly I’m getting greatly off topic and may need to work on this whole rambling situation. Because if I’m planning on doing this for the long haul, spending lengthy periods of time editing will be a real turn off. Not that I don’t want to make these little chats perfect or anything, I just want to make them as authentic as possible to what my original thought process was at the time of said thought. But I guess that’s part of the charm of this blog: you arrive here thinking that you are going to receive valuable life advice, but end up staying for my quirky personality, and unique perspective of life.
So here we go,slip on your spectrespecs, and let us start on our humorously eye opening journey through life, day by day, with me: Sarzo… Well most days at least.