Monthly Archive: August, 2015

August 2015 Favourites

I’m sure you’ve seen these pop up pretty much everywhere once the end of the month rolls around, but alas, I am nothing like Zoella or some other You Tube beauty guru, thus… Continue reading

Who’s UK’s Number One?

I’m  going to tell you this now because I’m in a sharing kind of mood. I am drinking tea out of an overly fancy mug and am listening to classical music (fine, it’s… Continue reading

The Woes Of Paranoia

I must say, that I have gotten very familiarised with the buses, and bus stops around my area, because I have been on a journey today. One may even call it a spiritual… Continue reading

I Close My Eyes In Order To See

I opened my eyes, and I saw: A field of green, speckled with flecks of purple, under a dome of blues. With strong yellow rays that bathed down on our legs, turning white… Continue reading

Education 101

Today I spent a large portion of my time on the You Tube, and much like everyone who goes on you tube knows, I spiralled. What can I say, one minute I was… Continue reading

I’m Too Sad To Walk

Lets start by saying… Am I the only person who thought that having voices in your head was the first sign of insanity? No? Good, now back to it. Yesterday I went with my… Continue reading

I Can Feel Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone

   So this post is based off of a dream I had a while ago, so in turn it could be quite deep and definitely quite weird.  For a period of time in… Continue reading

A Lost Hope For The Hopeless

* Disclaimer! * I promise you all that I am not a miserable lonely person. And if you don’t believe me, then ask my one friend. He comes in from Neverland tomorrow. Right… Continue reading

I’m The Best Thing Since Cake

So, I think I’ve reached my own personal high. I managed to socialise with people of my own age. Right, so obviously I have friends, and I could list them now but I… Continue reading

Life’s One True Direction

So, I have an important announcement to make, and it’s big. It could potentially change my life forever, are you ready for this? Deep breaths now… I’m pregnant! And it’s yours. Just kidding!… Continue reading