What Would Donna Do?



Am I the only one who thought this looked like Taylor Swift’s first album cover??

Right let’s get it over and out-of-the-way. MAMMA MIA-HERE WE GO AGAIN WAS EXCELLENT!! I laughed, I cried, I sang, as did the whole cinema. I had such a good time in fact, that I’ve already started planning my next trip. I loved the cast, and the soundtrack has been on repeat for a while now. My only complaint is that honestly I wanted more Peirce Brosnan singing. Highlight of the first movie. Him and Dominic Cooper. Stunning voices.


Speaking of the cast, lets all have a moment’s silence for the three young versions of the dads. Good Lord. Donna had a good summer didn’t she. But honestly, go for Jeremy Irvine and stay for Colin Firth. What a hunk. It started off ironic but I fear it is the most genuine love I’ve ever felt. Lets also have a chat about Lily James. I am so jealous of Lily James! She’s so talented and lovely and beautiful. Not fair at all.


However, I think that most of that praise automatically transfers over due to my praise for the character of Donna in general. There was something about sitting in the cinema and watching this amazing, charismatic, brave, adventurous character on-screen that made me feel like there was a lot to be desired of my own personality.


I’ve always liked to think that I was a very go with the flow kind of person. Very Donna-esq with having no plans for my life but going where the wind takes me. Travel to a random island off the coast of Greece and live there, why not! And I think I fell prey to projecting my own idealisation back onto myself, so I started believing I was very go with the flow and free-spirited. Hakuna Matata and what not. However. This year, as I went on holiday with my friends for the first time, I very much learnt that I am not that kind of person. I was a bag of stress getting through security, getting on the plane, on the train on the way to the apartment, putting together the sofa bed in the apartment (which we did not actually figure out how to do until the last night, it was very uncomfortable).


In fact, learning this about myself felt like I was having some kind of crisis. It sounds stupid to say, but it felt shameful and really disappointing. You have to get, that I really wanted to be a ‘Donna’, and I still kind of do. I wanted to not think about what’s to come, and what could possibly go wrong, because as someone who’s very anxious, that’s the enemy. It felt ideal to me, when in reality, it was just an idealisation of something fairly unrealistic. At least that’s what it was for me. It’s really difficult to completely wing things, and for the consequences to not be too bad. It’s honestly a bit scary.


I correlated, essentially, having no direction to being fun. And there’s another thing I like to think I am, fun. But the thing is, looking at it all again: my holiday, my time with my friends, how I spend most of my time, and how I see my future. I am fun. I’m not boring. I might be arrogant, apparently, but I’m not boring. I think it’s so special to see characters like Donna in the cinema as a point of levity and hope, but, I dunno, I feel like if you’re someone like me, you can very easily fall into the trap of, ‘oh my god I’m no where near as amazing as her, I wish I was like Donna then I might succeed. I’m a failure!!’


But I realised that yes, I may not randomly jet off to find my life, and yes maybe I have a bit of a goal for my life, but I have a bit of an essence of Donna in me. I can be spontaneous in my day-to-day mini adventures, take the scenic route every now and then if you will. Although the character of Donna is honestly a marvel, and being spontaneous is greatly admirable in my opinion, being that, doesn’t equate to how fun, brave or charming you are. I think there is something brave about direction and ambition, and something undeniably charming in small gestures that are just as larger than life as, say, breaking into song at your Oxford graduation.


Saying that however, I think I will proceed my days with Donna in mind as more of a personal challenge. Try and incorporate some of her actions into my life more as a test to myself to try something new, momentarily be someone else and see how it goes. Think of it like this, W.W.D.D. What would Donna do?

… Maybe that’s how I can get Colin Firth to love me…