Monthly Archive: November, 2018

Everybody Hates Me   Everybody hates me.     Have you read the title of this post? How did it make you feel? More importantly, have you ever had this thought yourself? Are you… Continue reading

“Treat ’em Mean, Keep ’em Keen”

A few days ago, I was at a very lovely, very fun girls wine night with my very lovely very fun friends, so naturally, a deep conversation or two broke out. Amongst the… Continue reading

The Woes Of Contact Lenses

Today we’re gonna discuss the incredibly relatable to everyone ever issue of glasses. Glasses. You know, that thing you put on your face when your eyes don’t function properly so you can at… Continue reading

Did You Know That I’m Brown…

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________ What makes me different from every other south Asian girl in the world? No, not South Asian Brown.   Is it my glasses, my hair, my hoops The pieces of… Continue reading