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The Woes Of Contact Lenses

Today we’re gonna discuss the incredibly relatable to everyone ever issue of glasses. Glasses. You know, that thing you put on your face when your eyes don’t function properly so you can at… Continue reading

The 5 Stages Of Exam Grief

My A-Levels are in 2 months, and I just got a U in my maths mock. Here’s what happened next.   People say there are 5 stages of grief. I think this sort… Continue reading

The Woes Of Social Gatherings 2.0 (Part 2)

Yo yo yo fools, wazzup. See that greeting is all down with the youth because your girl upped her teen points! Guess what happened to me? You’d never bloody believe it, but I… Continue reading

The Woes Of Social Gatherings 2.0 (part 1)

DISCLAIMER!! I double pinky swear that I wrote this around a month ago, and I do actually have a positive party experience to follow this. So consider this post a part 1.  So…… Continue reading

The Woes Of Perspective

Today I’m bringing forward a topic of discussion that I guess could be considered really stupid and obvious and not insightful in the slightest. Note that I admit all these things now. But… Continue reading

The Woes Of A Levels 

Sooo… I may have to apologise… I’m sorry I missed yesterday, but forgive me for it was parents evening and all chill was lost.  As some of you may know, I’ve started sixth… Continue reading

The Woes Of The 2016 American Election 

You know, I was going to post something today about Halloween (in the usual late sarzo fashion) and it was going to be all light and funny and whatnot. But you know what,… Continue reading

The Woes Of Social Gatherings

Here I am. Sarzo, your hopefully (ergh disgusting word) number one choice of entertainment, fresh off the scene of a party. I kid you not, I am writing this to you at my… Continue reading

The Woes Of A British November

Happy holidays chummies. How’s it hanging? It’s been a while, I know, but I’m gonna pin it on a hectic few months, a lot of it including mocks. Heres hoping for a good… Continue reading

The Woes Of Paranoia

I must say, that I have gotten very familiarised with the buses, and bus stops around my area, because I have been on a journey today. One may even call it a spiritual… Continue reading