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Youth Strike For Climate Change 15/03/19

  Standing in the sea of people yesterday all I could think was, who wouldn’t be ‘for this?’Who would possibly be against doing something about climate change? Unlike all the other nonsensical issues that… Continue reading

I’m A Failure: Therapy

   This was something I wanted to write to coincide with World Mental Health Day back in October. Or one of those other singular exclusive days in which people are forced to acknowledge… Continue reading

Crushes: A random thought 

I’ve had a few crushes in my lifetime. My heart seems to enjoy clinging to people and adoring every single thing about them. Which is, undoubtedly, inconvenient. However, I think once you reach… Continue reading

Everybody Hates Me   Everybody hates me.     Have you read the title of this post? How did it make you feel? More importantly, have you ever had this thought yourself? Are you… Continue reading

Did You Know That I’m Brown…

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________ What makes me different from every other south Asian girl in the world? No, not South Asian Brown.   Is it my glasses, my hair, my hoops The pieces of… Continue reading

My Worst Fear

Through this blog, I feel like I’ve shared a lot of myself with you guys. My Readers. The friends and family that I shoved the link to this website at and strangers that… Continue reading

I Got, I Got Loyalty

  To me, some of the most important traits a person can have are selflessness, a sense of humour, bravery, and loyalty. Today, we are going to focus on the most Hufflepuff of… Continue reading

The Insecure Amateur

You know what’s difficult to deal with? Being self conscious. You know who’s self conscious a lot? Me. Hi, I’m sarzo and I have terrible self esteem issues.  Now that’s out in the… Continue reading

I Can Feel Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone

   So this post is based off of a dream I had a while ago, so in turn it could be quite deep and definitely quite weird.  For a period of time in… Continue reading

Me And My Freedom Of Speech

I am sure that if you are interested in the news or any other forms of media that discusses controversial or current issues, you would have heard the fierce debate that consists of… Continue reading