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“Treat ’em Mean, Keep ’em Keen”

A few days ago, I was at a very lovely, very fun girls wine night with my very lovely very fun friends, so naturally, a deep conversation or two broke out. Amongst the… Continue reading

What Would Donna Do?

  Right let’s get it over and out-of-the-way. MAMMA MIA-HERE WE GO AGAIN WAS EXCELLENT!! I laughed, I cried, I sang, as did the whole cinema. I had such a good time in… Continue reading

‘I Turned 18: Let’s Get Drunk’

  It’s been said that 18 is the time for coming of age. To have an almost profound realisation as the clock strikes midnight, and suddenly understand the true meaning of independence and… Continue reading

Favourite Stuff Of 2017

Hahaha! You know 2017? That thing that ended approximately 13 days ago? Well my dear, today we’re gonna talk about it! In my very prompt and timely manner, I’m gonna tell you my… Continue reading

The Wonderfulness Of Wonder Woman

Hello people! Guess where I am? You’ll never get it! I am on top of a place called Semarang, and, more importantly, I just finished watching Wonder Woman. Okay, let’s clarify. I’m on… Continue reading

World Mental Health Day 2017

So, this week was the week in which world mental health day fell. You might think that mental health is a big scary issue that can’t be discussed because it’ll make you uncomfortable.… Continue reading

19 Years… and a day… Later!

Hey there witches, how’s it going? So in case this blog, due to recent posts, turns into a dedicated Harry Potter fandom page, I’m going to try and keep this post short. Yes,… Continue reading


  Lets start this off by saying, Happy 37th birthday Harry Potter you old bastard. Well not just Harry Potter himself, but also the first Harry Potter book, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers… Continue reading

I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction) 

  I am unsatisfied with my life at the moment.  That seems like a weird phrase for a seventeen year old girl who is fairly well off in a developed country with beautiful,wonderful… Continue reading

The New Life Goal

Disclaimer: I did genuinely write this around the beginning of May, I just got distracted by, you know, the exams in question. Bare that in mind. Howdy Peeps and Peepettes, how the heck… Continue reading