The Dancing Queens

  You know what I love? Dancing. No, not strictly come dancing, Natalie Portman in the black swan sort of dancing, but that slightly shit, slightly wobbly dancing you do at parties. You… Continue reading

‘I Turned 18: Let’s Get Drunk’

  It’s been said that 18 is the time for coming of age. To have an almost profound realisation as the clock strikes midnight, and suddenly understand the true meaning of independence and… Continue reading

Favourite Stuff Of 2017

Hahaha! You know 2017? That thing that ended approximately 13 days ago? Well my dear, today we’re gonna talk about it! In my very prompt and timely manner, I’m gonna tell you my… Continue reading

I Got, I Got Loyalty

  To me, some of the most important traits a person can have are selflessness, a sense of humour, bravery, and loyalty. Today, we are going to focus on the most Hufflepuff of… Continue reading

The Wonderfulness Of Wonder Woman

Hello people! Guess where I am? You’ll never get it! I am on top of a place called Semarang, and, more importantly, I just finished watching Wonder Woman. Okay, let’s clarify. I’m on… Continue reading

The Woes Of Social Gatherings 2.0 (Part 2)

Yo yo yo fools, wazzup. See that greeting is all down with the youth because your girl upped her teen points! Guess what happened to me? You’d never bloody believe it, but I… Continue reading

The Parasailing Prophecy

  Hello, my ghostly feinds and friends, and welcome to my annual spooky post. It’s almost Halloween, and do you wanna know what the real horror is? This year I am going back… Continue reading

The Woes Of Social Gatherings 2.0 (part 1)

DISCLAIMER!! I double pinky swear that I wrote this around a month ago, and I do actually have a positive party experience to follow this. So consider this post a part 1.  So…… Continue reading

World Mental Health Day 2017

So, this week was the week in which world mental health day fell. You might think that mental health is a big scary issue that can’t be discussed because it’ll make you uncomfortable.… Continue reading

19 Years… and a day… Later!

Hey there witches, how’s it going? So in case this blog, due to recent posts, turns into a dedicated Harry Potter fandom page, I’m going to try and keep this post short. Yes,… Continue reading