The Woes Of Perspective

Today I’m bringing forward a topic of discussion that I guess could be considered really stupid and obvious and not insightful in the slightest. Note that I admit all these things now. But… Continue reading

Dear Sarzo-2016

Hey there Sarzo, wazzup? This years been an interesting one hasn’t it? Although America and the U.K. Apparently held a secret meeting to discuss the downfall of the world, and Len Goodman is… Continue reading

The Woes Of A Levels 

Sooo… I may have to apologise… I’m sorry I missed yesterday, but forgive me for it was parents evening and all chill was lost.  As some of you may know, I’ve started sixth… Continue reading

Can I Jingle My Bells Yet?

Haha! You thought I forgot but here I am! Late as ever but still here, and I’m talking to you about…. CHRISTMAS CAROLS/SONGS!!!  Ask any of my friends and you’ll find out that… Continue reading

Secret Santa 2.0

So if you’re anything like me and my friends, then you’ve probably already realised that this Christmas season, much like every other, you’re broke. But of course you still not only want, but… Continue reading

Collage Hearts

I turned back around hugging my scarf to me for comfort,clinging to my last shreds of dismembered dignity. And as I contemplated my sudden wave of confidence, and how in one minute everything… Continue reading

No Mans Land Review

As I sat in my cushioned seat, C21, I was no longer in the Wyndham theatre Leisecter square but a pleasant forest full of birds and light in what I hoped was the… Continue reading

The Sarzo’s Thoughts Advent Calender!

Whaddup bros, I have a surprise for you!   Since December has started and it’s basically Christmas, I have something to announce. This December I am doing BLOGMAS!! Whoop whoop whoop… okay so… Continue reading

The Day With All The Fears

Once again, the spooky season has passed us and boy do I have a scary story to share with you to keep the mood alive. So my friends, snuggle up around a campfire,… Continue reading

The Woes Of The 2016 American Election 

You know, I was going to post something today about Halloween (in the usual late sarzo fashion) and it was going to be all light and funny and whatnot. But you know what,… Continue reading