The New Life Goal

Disclaimer: I did genuinely write this around the beginning of May, I just got distracted by, you know, the exams in question. Bare that in mind. Howdy Peeps and Peepettes, how the heck… Continue reading

We Were Liars

  A few days ago I read a book that solidified my ever-growing love for literature and the beauty of writing. We were liars is one of my favourite books. Not because the… Continue reading

Friendship Bracelets

Today I am writing a blog post in honour of one of my closest friend’s birthdays. So let’s get this over and done with by saying happy birthday Nimbus (not her real name… Continue reading

The Woes Of Social Gatherings

Here I am. Sarzo, your hopefully (ergh disgusting word) number one choice of entertainment, fresh off the scene of a party. I kid you not, I am writing this to you at my… Continue reading

The Woes Of A British November

Happy holidays chummies. How’s it hanging? It’s been a while, I know, but I’m gonna pin it on a hectic few months, a lot of it including mocks. Heres hoping for a good… Continue reading

Conspiricies- Ed Sheeran

    It is now safe to say that the spooky season was upon us! Strictly come dancing had its Halloween special, fun size chocolate were sold in bulk in all supermarkets, and… Continue reading

September 2015 Favourites

Another month… And a half,some new favourites eh? Well firstly, I feel I owe you all a little word of apology and a desperate look. Okay, okay, I’m sorry I only posted one… Continue reading


  About a year ago, my whole school got given a task. Said task was to complete three essays, one about the past, one about the present and finally, one about the future. Everyone… Continue reading

August 2015 Favourites

I’m sure you’ve seen these pop up pretty much everywhere once the end of the month rolls around, but alas, I am nothing like Zoella or some other You Tube beauty guru, thus… Continue reading

Who’s UK’s Number One?

I’m ¬†going to tell you this now because I’m in a sharing kind of mood. I am drinking tea out of an overly fancy mug and am listening to classical music (fine, it’s… Continue reading