Life’s One True Direction

So, I have an important announcement to make, and it’s big. It could potentially change my life forever, are you ready for this? Deep breaths now… I’m pregnant! And it’s yours. Just kidding!… Continue reading

Me And My Freedom Of Speech

I am sure that if you are interested in the news or any other forms of media that discusses controversial or current issues, you would have heard the fierce debate that consists of… Continue reading

Would Winnie The Pooh Be A Gryffindor?

  I don’t know about you, but I am a massive fan of Harry Potter. I have read the books, watched the movies and been to the studios. So naturally I know what… Continue reading

The Woes Of A South Asian Fangirl

So since it’s summer, I’ve been reading, because boredom and education, and I’ve found a very personally wounding pattern. Or should I say, lack of a pattern. YA novels are my go to genre… Continue reading

Slip On Your Spectrespecs

  A wise man once said, ‘You learn something new everyday if you pay attention’. Who am I kidding, I have no idea who said this. But for copyright purposes I’ll mention that… Continue reading